Chocolate & Desserts

Chocolates & Desserts

Any true chocolate connoisseur recognizes that there is a world of chocolate that far exceeds the realm of the classic Hershey's bar.

However, for those that haven’t ventured out much, we’re here to help expand your horizons.

At 5280Market, chocolate connoisseurs and rookies alike, can explore carefully curated and fine chocolates from around the world, as well as Colorado.

Our chocolates vary in texture, creaminess, age, and have been known to pair exceptionally with your favorite glass of wine.

If you are looking for an easier way to get your favorite treats, take advantage of our Denver gourmet chocolate delivery services.

A fan favorite to our shop are products sourced from a local company called Boulder Chocolate.

These fine chocolates feature common favorites such as toffee, but also more eccentric chocolates such as cherry fennel and strawberry basil.

Explore chocolates of the world with our chocolate hazelnut spreads from Europe, kumquat infused dark chocolate from Vietnam,

as well as many other infused and decadent choices.

Here at 5280Market, we are proud to spread happiness by bringing tasty treats from all over the world to your doorstep through our convenient

gourmet chocolate delivery service to the Denver Metro area.

For your next family and friend gathering, stock up on 5280Market’s wide array of chocolates and have some fun with a taste testing party!

We’d love to know what your favorites are and look forward to serving you with the world’s finest chocolates.

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Chocolate & Desserts
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