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Meats and Charcuterie

There is a new trend that is sweeping Pinterest boards and Monday night football parties across the nation- charcuterie boards.

Your family gatherings and birthday parties are no longer judged based on your color coordinated decorations, or your tri-level cake, but rather,

the way you intricately place meats and cheese on a plate.

It’s become an art, and while it sounds simple in theory, it is actually much more difficult and time consuming than you would think.

However, we’re here to help you bring the flavor to your board with our Denver meat and charcuterie delivery services.

At 5280 Market, our wide selection of meats are sourced from all over the world, as well as local to Denver salami, bacon, and more.

Our many options will allow you creative freedom to fill your board with complementing flavors.

A fan favorite over the years is our Maestri D'Italia Prosciutto which is slow cured for 400 days in Italy and is made by only natural products.

It comes pre- sliced and at a very affordable cost.

Another favorite is our Fermin Serrano Paleta, which is known to be great for appetizers and tapas in Spain.

This Paleta Serrana is excellent when paired with fruit and served at room temperature.

Pair these fine meats with our jams, crackers, and cheeses and you will have a full spread that will take your host(ess) game to the next level.

For the best Denver meat and charcuterie delivery services, come to 5280Market.

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Meats and Charcuterie

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