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White Balsamic Condiment from Acetaia Leonardi 100 ml

Quick Overview

5280Market Acetaia Leonardi 5 Year La Corte Balsamic Condiment5280Market White Balsamic Condiment from Acetaia Leonardi. White Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy
Acetaia Leonardi's condimento balsamico bianco starts with Trebbiano grape must that is carefully cooked to preserve its delicate color. The cooked must is blended with Italian white wine vinegar and aged for at least 4 years in tightly sealed oak barrels. The result is a deep, golden-hued white balsamic vinegar bursting with crisp notes of pear, apple and citrus with a nuanced sweetness in the finish.
How to use
This all-purpose vinegar is ideal for everyday useā€”from salads and dressings to a finishing touch for pan sauces. Drizzle over citrus and avocado slices for a simple salad. Or use to make a vibrant mignonette sauce for oysters and poached seafood.
Fancy yourself a master mixologist or like experimenting with libations at home? Acetaia Leonardi's White Balsamic Condiment is a unique addition to cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. For an adult soda, muddle a few blackberries with a teaspoon of sugar, top with a splash of white balsamic vinegar and sparkling water and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint (to make it even more adult: add a shot of vodka or gin).

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