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Colatura di alici 100 ml

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5280 Market and 5280 Gourmet Proudly carry Colatura di alici This ingredient may seem a bit unusual, but it is a traditional preparation from southern Italy. This distillate is a fish sauce extracted from cured anchovies. Each batch takes five months to produce.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Guide to the Best in Summer Food (May 14, 2011), Lidia Bastianich says, “…It has the effect of umami and it brings out flavor in everything you do…”
Ittica Alimentare Salerno (IASA) uses only premium anchovies harvested in the Mediterranean. IASA is located in the small village of Cetara, south of Naples, on the Amalfi coast. They have been processing freshly caught anchovies since 1969.

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