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Blue Stilton Cheese 5.3 Oz

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5280 Market and 5280 Gourmet offer this wonderful 5.3 Oz Blue Stilton Cheese Stilton has a beautiful interior, streaked like marble, and the texture is crumbly and almost soft - relatively delicate compared to its stout and bold flavors. Intense and rich, the taste is complex, opening with creamy and nutty specks, followed by a salty finish that sticks to your palate. Retaining the ideals of quality throughout all aspects of production, cows grazing on pastures in the midlands of England provide the fresh milk needed to make original Stilton. These wide plains among the moors in the heart of England offer lush forage for the cattle, which is clearly reflected in the final product. Pastas, risottos and desserts all benefit from the addition of Stilton, and salads fair especially well when mixed with light crumbles. Honey, walnuts and sliced apples complement the nuances of the cheese perfectly on a cheese board

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